Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Children of Green Knowe

It's been a while since my last post so here's a second one! This is an illustration for college. It's not finished yet, I've only just begun the colouring process. We've been assigned with coming up for an illustration based on a scene of our choice from the children's book "The Children of Green Knowe" by Lucy M. Boston. I hadn't heard of the book before. I enjoyed reading this one. It's about a boy who moves in with his Great Grandmother for the summer. She lives in a great big, old house. There he encounters the spirits of three children who had lived in the house centuries before and learns the magical history of said house.

This is the scene in which Tolly, the boy, finds the children inside a big Yew tree. The girl, Linnet is dancing with a hare and her dog is trying to get her attention. Here the dog is contemplating what to do to get Linnets attention. He'll soon get up on his hind legs and attempt dancing.

We're learning a colouring technique using Photoshop known as "glazing". I've attempted colouring my pencil work on Photoshop before, but i've never known the proper technique to do it so I'm liking learning this. The top image is the finished pencil work. The bottom one is where I'm at at the moment. Good bit of colouring still to go!

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  1. deadly pics peter!